Text formats

On the page you can convert documents online or via e-mail.

Protect your data – go to the encrypted site: https://www.konwerter.net/en/documents/

Alternatively, you can convert your files via e-mail. Read more.

Below you will find a table with supported file formats. In order to perform conversion simply attach files and send the message to converter@konwerter.net. In the e-mail subject type the command from the first column of the table.

If you need more security, use PGP encryption http://www.konwerter.net/pgp-encryption/

Table of text formats
Subject Attachments Result
pdf txt,doc,docx,odt,odg,ods,odp,rtf,xls,xlsx,ppt,pptx,bmp,jpg PDF
pdf merge PDF documents Combined PDF documents
pdf split PDF documents Split PDF documents
pdf zip txt,doc,docx,odt,odg,ods,odp,rtf,xls,xlsx,ppt,pptx,bmp,jpg PDF documents in a zip archive
txt PDF,doc,odt,rtf TXT
txt zip PDF,doc,odt,rtf TXT documents in a zip archive
odt PDF,doc,txt,rtf ODT
odt zip PDF,doc,txt,rtf ODT documents in a zip archive
doc odt,txt,rtf,docx DOC
doc zip odt,txt,rtf,docx DOC files in a zip archive
docx odt,txt,rtf,doc,html,xml DOCX
docx zip odt,txt,rtf,doc,html,xml DOCX files in a zip archive
ppt documents PPT
pptx documents PPTX
rtf documents RTF
xls documents XLS
xlsx documents XLSX
csv documents CSV
html documents HTML