PGP encryption

Service supports PGP encryption ( OpenPGP / GnuPG )
It is possible to send encrypted attachments. Converted files or images, before sending back to the user, will be encrypted with the user’s public key, which needs to be previously registered.

The procedure is as follows:
1. User sends an e-mail with attachments encrypted with the public key belonging to the site
2. The converter decrypts all attachments with private key, then converts them to the format from the e-mail subject
3. After a successful conversion, attachments are encrypted with the user’s public key
4. E-mail is send back to the user

This procedure ensures high security for your documents or graphic files and guarantee that other persons cannot read your data.
You can convert important documents and official letters.

In order to use this feature register your public key. Click in the link: public key registration or perform the following steps.

  • create a new e-mail message and address:
  • in the subject type: pgp
  • Attach your public key with .asc extension
    You will receive a message with public key. Import it in your e-mail software.

Conversion takes place in a standard manner as described on page – enter desired format in the e-mail subject, attach files and select option „encrypt the message”.
Just remember to select the encryption of each attachment separately – „Inline PGP„. In this way, encrypted attachments will have a „.pgp” extension and will be recognized by the converter.