PDF to HTML conversion

Do you need to change or edit text in a PDF file ?

Do not look for tools to convert PDF to DOC / DOCX. Convert PDF to HTML – online.
Protect your data – go to the encrypted site: https://www.konwerter.net/en/documents/

If the conversion to HTML is successful, the result will be a ZIP archive.
1. Unpack the archive and open the .html file in your web browser.
2. If you think the conversion is OK, open the .html file in any text editor.
3. Enter corrections and save the changes.
4. Reopen .html file in a browser and print to PDF format (uncheck titles and dates in headers and footers).
To print a document from the browser to the PDF format, you may need additional tools known as „PDF printer”.

As a rule, you probably want to make minor changes in a single page or a few pages. For best results, follow the instructions below.

1. Split a PDF document into separate pages: https://www.konwerter.net/en/splitpdf/
2. Convert selected pages to HTML: https://www.konwerter.net/en/documents/
3. Make corrections in .html files, save changes and print all pages to PDF.
4. Combine all pages into single document: https://www.konwerter.net/en/mergepdf/

This procedure is to modify only those pages that need editing, so that the remaining pages retain their original layout.

Remember, not every PDF file can be converted into HTML retaining original layout.

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